Pet Nutrition and Weight Management

The old expression, “You are what you eat” has been the foundation for the importance of nutrition in humans for many years. But what about your animal family member? Are you really certain that what you’re feeding your pet is truly meeting all of their nutritional needs?

The right diet and appropriate exercise plan can help support a longer, healthier life and it can even help to manage certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. The key is determining what your individual pet’s needs are, as well as their ideal weight range, and then taking the appropriate steps to meet those needs and achieve those goals. Unfortunately, unless you’re trained in animal nutrition, this can be a challenge – especially given the massive amount of pet food products available on the market today.

If you’re unsure and could use a little guidance, the team at Monroe Veterinary Clinic can help. Through our professional pet nutrition and weight management services, we can develop the perfect plan to help your pet achieve optimum health for life! We’ll start by conducting a physical exam and a detailed health analysis to determine your pet’s specific nutritional needs, and then use that information to develop a customized food plan to meet those needs. We may recommend using prescription diet food products, depending on whether we feel they will provide added benefits for your pet that regular products do not.

The next step is managing your companion’s weight. Pets that carry even just a few extra pounds can be much more susceptible to developing a number of serious medical conditions. Obesity can even shorten your pet’s life. To combat this, we’ll determine what weight range would be healthiest for your pet, and then work with you to determine which types of activities would be best to help achieve and maintain that healthier weight.

Finally, we’ll revisit our plan from time to time to make sure it is still as effective as it once was. As pets age, their nutritional needs often change, so it’s important that we reassess the situation every so often, and make adjustments wherever necessary, so that your pet can continue to stay happy, healthy and fit throughout the course of his or her lifetime. For more information contact Monroe Veterinary Clinic today at 734-241-2525.